happy birthday wishes

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birthday wishes

Wish you a very happy birthday
May life lead you 2 great happiness
success and hope dat
all your wishes comes true!
enjoy your day.

birthday wishes sms

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.may god bless you with health,wealth and prosperity in your life.Happy birthday…….

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy,I hope all of your wishes of come true.May each hour and minute be filled with delight,And your birthday be perfect for you!Happy birthday….

Wishing you not just a smile but laughter,not just happiness but joy,not just riches but wealth,and most of all love and peace of mind,Happy birthday…

Wishing u a day soft as silkwhite as milksweet as honey & full of moneymay all ur dreams come trueHappy birth day….

A prayer: 2 bless ur wayA wish: 2 lighten ur momentsA cheer: 2 perfect ur dayA text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY..

In this life, there are too many adventures and so little time to enjoy all of them. Not for you. You have always jumped in; head first, with so much fire and grit. Life’s an endless adventure with you beside me. Happy Birthday to a champion.

On this day of happiness and joy, I’d like to wish you a lifetime full of success, because a person as amazing as you, deserves all of their dreams to come true. Happy Birthday!

I look forward to spending every birthday with you because you are a bundle of joy. Every single day, you amaze me at your ability to make the sun shine through every cloud. You deserve a big celebration, and I’m making it happen.

This is a day of celebration not only because of your special day. It is also the day we give thanks for having you in our lives. You are a blessing.

A celebration isn’t complete without some reflection and introspection. Take the time to look behind you; the clues to your future are in there.

Only you can determine how old you indeed are. So go ahead, wear that purple hat with the red dress if you must. Scale a mountain and glide over a cliff if you seek adventure. It’s your life – own it.

Everywhere you go, you fill up the place with smiles. This is why, for your birthday, I wish that life always gives you a reason to smile, for as long as you live. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Birthdays mean a fresh start; a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year. It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for more significant benefits. May you find true bliss as you face your next milestones.

birthday wishes photos

birthday wishes photos
birthday wishes
appy birthday wishes
birthday wishes
birthday wishes
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happy birthday wishes in hindi

फूलों ने अमृत का जाम भेजा है,
सूरज ने गगन से सलाम भेजा है,
मुबारक हो आपको नया जन्मदिन,
तहे-दिल से हमने ये पैगाम भेजा है।
Happy Birthday Beautiful

कैसे करूं शुक्रिया उसका इस दिन के लिए, जिसने तुम्हें धरती पर भेजा हमारे लिए,
इस जन्मदिन पर कुछ और तो नहीं दे सकते,
बस मेरी हर दुआ है तेरी लंबी उम्र के लिए!
Happy Birthday

आपके जन्मदिन पर हम देते हैं यह दुआ,
खुशियां आपके दामन से कभी ना हो जुदा,
खुदा की रहमतों में कभी कमी ना आए,
आपके होठों की मुस्कुराहट ना जाए!
Happy Birthday

ये दुआ है आपके जन्मदिन पर हमारी, ना टूटे कभी दोस्ती ये हमारी,
सारी जिंदगी देंगे खुशियां आपको, और वह खुशियां होंगी प्यारी प्यारी…
Happy Birthday

हो पूरी दिल की हर ख्वाहिश आपकी, और मिले खुशियों का जहां आपको,
अगर आप मांगे आसमां का एक तारा, तो खुदा दे दे सारा आसमां आपको!
Happy Birthday

एक बात हमेशा याद रखनी चाहिए,
जीवन में पिता का स्थान प्रभु से कम नहीं होता,
पिता सदा ही हमारा ध्यान रखते हैं,
और निस्वार्थ होकर हमेशा प्यार करते हैं